• Cheater Dill Pickles! Posted on January 12, 2014

    Cheater Dill Pickles! Now when life is going *as planned* this is not a difficult thing to accomplish, but as we ALL know life gets crazy sometimes and the demands of a real-food kitchen can catch up to you quickly! Here is a way I have found to continue getting cultured veggies into our diet, while cutting a few steps. What you are doing here is simply buying a jar of REAL cultured pickles (this will NOT work for plain store-bought pickles) from a local health food store or online…. eating the pickles and when you are done using the jar and liquid left in it to RE-DO another batch of cultured pickles. How's that great bang-for-your-buck!? They are tasty and a quick thing you can do to provide your family’s bodies with a really vital health food.

    see more here: http://mindfulmama.org/2014/01/07/cheater-dill-pickles-fermented/

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