• Bread & Butter Pickle Dip! Posted on February 06, 2016

    Bread & Butter Pickle Dip! Super Bowl Sunday = chips and dip! Chips and dip are one of my favorite go to snacks. Perfect for the big game!

    Now, I like pickles, ok- some pickles. Dill pickles are good, but bread and butter pickles are better, in my humble opinion. Bread and butter pickles, with sweet onions, cream cheese, a touch of sour cream, celery and mustard seeds, a pinch of garlic, and BAMM! Bread and Butter Pickle Dip.

    I must say, I wasn’t really sure what I expected this to taste like. After I had it all mixed together it tasted good on potato chips…..quality control check…..lol.

    Click here for this recipe: http://whattheforksfordinner.com/bread-and-butter-pickle-dip/

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