• Beef Carpaccio Crostini With Pickled Mustard Seeds! Posted on December 06, 2015

    Beef Carpaccio Crostini With Pickled Mustard Seeds! Mustard is a close genetic cousin to the radish and turnip. In its prepared form, it imparts a spicy kick and depth of flavour that just screams “meat” — try it with juicy cuts of pork and beef, smoked meats, warming stews and smoked fish. There’s a whole lot more to mustard than the bright yellow paste of backyard barbecues.

    Chef Marc Doiron of Town pickles whole mustard seeds for his beef carpaccio crostini dish.

    “Pickling the seeds changes the texture and softens the flavour. You end up with a sweet, acidy, mellow mustard flavor,” explains Town co-owner Lori Wojcik. “It also softens the outer shell of the seed so they pop similar to caviar when you bite into them.”

    Caroline Cichelly of Oz Kafe cooks with mustard year-round. “It’s a great multi-purpose ingredient. I use it in tons of marinades, as well as aiolis, and it’s a great emulsifier for vinaigrettes or a thickening agent in stews.”

    Click here for this recipe: http://ottawacitizen.com/life/style/mustard-is-the-spice-of-life

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