• Bartender In A Pickle? Posted on September 01, 2014

    Bartender In A Pickle? A pickle shot to toast the unofficial goodbye to summer 2014! Heard this one? Guy walks into a bar and orders a shot of whiskey followed by a chaser of pickle juice. Except, it’s no joke. The lip-puckering combination, called a pickle back, is morphing from insider’s secret to trendy drink.

    Originally created at Brooklyn’s Bushwick Country Club, the Pickle Back has developed a cult following. Particularly popular in New York, this combination adds a twist to your basic shot of whiskey. Raise your glass, toast the Irish and then chase that whiskey burn with a pickle brine back.
    The Pickle Back recipe:

    1 ounce shot of Jameson or you favorite Irish whiskey

    1 ounce shot of pickle brine

    Garnish with a pickle (optional)

    Our bottled Pickle Juice is the perfect compliment to any pickle cocktail: http://www.pickleaddicts.com/products/bobs-pickle-juice-dill-pickel-brine-pickleback-back-shot-1liter

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