• Achari Chakri! Posted on April 21, 2015

    Achari Chakri! Chakri/ Chakli is a popular delicacy of Gujarat (western State of India). But here I have presented a totally different form of chakri which differs all in its ingredients. It is a variant of Gujarati Chakri. I have used my own ingredients and invented a new dish called Achari Chakri. It has got pickling spices and gram flour/chickpea flour instead of rice flour, plain flour, chickpea flour and few other spices used in Gujarati chakri.

    I applied my imaginative knack of brain and tried to concoct some dish similar to it. It afforded me a thought of combining pickling spices in the base of Chakri that would be of Chickpea flour. I have added baking powder to provide it extra lightness and puffiness.

    My efforts of being innovative worked and came out worth when the dish was appreciated by my family. Its best felicitation, you get when your family cherishes your endeavors and gets delighted by your flavors that you create.

    You make your own, cherish and get cherished. By the time try this recipe and enjoy a new delicious flavor i.e. light, crunchy, tangy & flavorsome pickled tang.

    Click here for the recipe: http://femmehavenn.com/2013/01/31/achari-chakri-pickled-spiral-snack/

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