• A Sour Tomorrow! Posted on June 09, 2016

    A Sour Tomorrow! Develop a taste for pickles. You’ll be eating a lot of them in the future.

    We are about to experience a great shift in our national taste. Instead of craving sweet food, Americans will prefer sour food. This shift will be sudden and had-to-explain, but may be the result of the popularity of yogurt, which we shall start consuming in unflavored form, enjoying the food's natural acidity and sharp flavor.

    First, there will be a pickling craze, in which Americans go mad for home pickling. Anything that can be pickled will be, and foods that make use of pickled ingredients will take over at fast-food restaurants. There will also be a craze for kvass, a European beverage made from fermented bread.

    Although these much fermented food does pose an increased cancer risk, in general the American movement away from sweetened food will be a healthy one. The average American will soon consume only 70 percent of what they now consume, and the country will begin to reverse its obesity epidemic. rates of diabetes will decline, as will other diseases associated with high-calorie diets. The future may be sour, but it will be better.

    courtesy of: http://www.thereader.com

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