Tru Pickles Variety Gift Pack - SIX JARS - Kosher Dills, Bread & Butter, Dill Heat, Spiced Chai, Ultimate Mary Mix & Smoked Black Pepper Pickle Sampler Pack

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A Trüly Awesome Pickle Sampler! Makes a great gift!!

Try SIX delicious Trü Pickles flavors in one tasty pickle sampler:

Kosher Dills: Super crisp whole pickles made with fresh garlic and and spices - crunchy, tangy, salty, garlicky, just like classic Kosher Dills should be!!

Bread & Butter: Sweet pickle chips full of flavor, great to snack on by themselves or use on sandwiches. Perfect amount of sweet and crunch!

Dill Heat: Perfectly sliced spicy pickles, crisp and flavorful made with extra hot peppers for a kick! Turn up the heat!

Spiced Chai: Sweet pickles made with a delicious spice blend of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom and black peppercorns. Try it and love it!!

Smoked Black Pepper: Whole pickles with a Trüly original outdoor-smoked flavor that cannot be found in any other pickle on the market. A unique smoky dill flavor you will love!

Ultimate Mary Mix: A unique Bloody Mary Mix recipe using quality ingredients, savory spices – and of course PICKLES! We grind up everything in the jar of Smoked Black Pepper pickles and add it right into our mix. Packed with hearty spice and flavor, it’s more than just a cocktail mix – it is the base ingredient to many delicious recipes!

Tru pickles are made with no artificial additives, preservatives, oils or emulsifiers. Fresh packed so they are full of crunch, with lots of zesty flavor!


Fresh packed pickles
Crisp, flavorful & delicious!


All natural
No artificial ingredients
No additives or preservatives


Six jar variety pack includes:

(1) Tru Kosher Dills - 32 oz jar
(1) Tru Bread & Butter - 16 oz jar
(1) Dill Heat Pickles - 16 oz jar
(1) Spiced Chai Pickles - 16 oz jar
(1) Smoked Black Pepper - 32 oz jar
(1) Ultimate Mary Mix - 32 oz jar

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