Truly Mega Pickle Sampler Gift Pack (8pc Set) - Tru Pickles Bloody Mary Mix + Kosher Dill, Bread & Butter and Smoked Black Pepper Pickles + Zesty Jalapeno & Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce + Pickle Juice Pouches

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This dill-ightful pickle sampler set includes:

Pickle Bloody Mary Mix (Quart): You haven't had a Bloody Mary until you've tried a Pickle Bloody Mary! There are actual PICKLES in the mix! All you have to do is add vodka or your favorite spirit, pickle garnish, then sit back and enjoy. Also makes super tasty Michelada, Bloody Caesar & Virgin Marys.

Kosher Dill Pickles (24 oz jar): Super crisp whole pickles made with fresh garlic and and spices - crunchy, tangy, salty, garlicky, just like classic Kosher Dills should be!!

Smoked Black Pepper Pickles (24 oz jar): A Trüly Unique Pickle with natural hickory smoke flavor and whole black peppercorns. Whole pickles with a Trüly original outdoor-smoked flavor that cannot be found in any other pickle on the market.

Bread & Butter Pickles (16 oz jar): Sweet pickle chips full of flavor, great to snack on by themselves or use on sandwiches. Perfect amount of sweet and crunch!

Tru Pickles Zesty Jalapeño Hot Sauce (5 oz bottle): Made with all natural, fresh ingredients. Jalapeño peppers, tomatillos, garlic, onions, and lime give it a tangy burst of flavor that goes great with any food. A secret blend of spices and a little Tru Smoked Black Pepper pickle add depth and heat for a satisfying medium heat hot sauce.

Tru Pickles Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce (5 oz bottle): Habanero peppers, peaches and agave nectar give it a sweet, fruity flavor, while the blend of spices and a little Tru Smoked Black Pepper pickle gives it an underlying smokiness that compliments the sweetness perfectly. A seriously hot kick of flavor that will brighten up your favorite foods!

Tru Pickles JUCE (2 x 4 oz pouches): All natural dill pickle juice in a convenient 4oz pouch. Just a squeeze for massive electrolytes! Use this for better athletic training, muscle cramps, recharge electrolytes, sudden muscle pain, rehydration, altitude sickness, headache, and endurance. It is also a great mixer for cocktails and bloody mary’s or just enjoy it straight out of the pouch - easier than drinking out of the pickle jar!!



Made with all natural ingredients, no artificial coloring, additives, flavorings, or preservatives.


(1) Tru Pickles Pickle Bloody Mary Mix (32 oz bottle)
(1) Tru Pickles Original Kosher Dills (24 oz jar)
(1) Tru Pickles Smoked Black Pepper Pickles (24 oz jar)
(1) Tru Pickles Bread & Butter Pickles (16 oz jar)
(1) Tru Pickles Zesty Jalapeño Hot Sauce (5 oz bottles)
(1) Tru Pickles Sweet Habanero Hot Sauce (5 oz bottles)
(2) Tru Pickles JUCE Pickle Juice (4 oz pouch)


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