Truly Pickled Sampler Pickle Cocktail Party Gift Pack (4pc Set) - Tru Pickles Bloody Mary Mix, Pickle Juice, Kosher Dill Pickles & Smoked Black Pepper Pickles

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This dill-ightful pickle cocktail party pack includes (2) Pickle Cocktails Mixers + (2) Pickle Cocktail Garnishes.

4pc Pickle Cocktail Gift Pack includes:

Pickle Bloody Mary Mix (Quart): You haven't had a Bloody Mary until you've tried a Pickle Bloody Mary! There are actual PICKLES in the mix! All you have to do is add vodka or your favorite spirit, pickle garnish, then sit back and enjoy. Also makes super tasty Michelada, Bloody Caesar & Virgin Marys.

Pickle Juice (Quart): Make any cocktail a Pickle cocktail with this all natural pickle juice; Pickle Martini, Pickle Margarita, Pickle Jello Shots or the perfect Pickleback (Jameson whiskey shot, followed by a pickle juice shot chaser, finished with a kosher dill pickle).

Kosher Dill Pickles (24 oz): The ideal garnish for your pickle cocktails, shots and pickelbacks.

Smoked Black Pepper Pickles (24 oz): Complete your Bloody Mary or Michelada with this smokey, peppery pickle garnish!


(1) Tru Pickles Pickle Bloody Mary Mix (32 oz bottle)
(1) Tru Pickles JUCE Pickle Juice (32 oz bottle)
(1) Tru Pickles Original Kosher Dills (24 oz jar)
(1) Tru Pickles Smoked Black Pepper Pickles (24 oz jar)

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Made with all natural ingredients, no artificial coloring, additives, flavorings, or preservatives.


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