Pickle Bloody Mary Mix - Stu's Pickles Juice & Spices Concentrate (8 oz bottle)

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Pickle Addicts rejoice, now even your bloody mary's can taste like PICKLES!

Brine that’s leftover from the pickle-making process is the signature ingredient in this unique and delicious Pickle Bloody Mary mix, complemented by Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and a smattering of other zesty spices. Stu mixes it all together to create a concentrated Bloody Mary starter. All you have to do is add tomato juice and vodka, your garnishes of choice, then sit back and enjoy. Each small jar of the mix has all the pickle juice and spices you need to make four pints. Cheers!


8 oz bottle of concentrate (yields 4 pints prepared).

Additional info

Includes ONE bottle

Net weight: 8 oz (227 grams)

One bottle of concentrate makes FOUR pints

This delicious mix includes: Pickle Juice, Worcestershire, Zesty Spices & Seasonings, Hot sauce & Horseradish (it is a complete mix in concentrate!).

Just add 2 oz of mix and vodka to a pint of tomato juice


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