Pickle Christmas Ornament - German Pickle Holiday Tradition - Handmade Silver Pickle Green Beads & Crystals Tree Decor

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Adorable pickle Christmas ornament featuring a silver pickle charm with metallic green beads and crystals.

What is the German Pickle Holiday tradition? It is a long standing German tradition that a pickle is used as decoration on the Christmas tree. Its the last ornament to placed on the tree once the children have gone to bed. Hidden among the branches, the first child on Christmas Day to find the Christmas pickle receives a special blessing for the year and an extra gift!

Start this wonderful tradition with your children and add your Pickle to the the Tree. Your kids will love searching for this cute pickle ornament on Christmas day.

Each Christmas Pickle Ornament includes gift bag, cute pickle gift tag and Christmas Pickle Tradition story card (see photo). MAKES A GREAT GIFT!!


Approx 5 inch long with silver ring and ribbon to hang
Silver pickle charm is 1 inch long


Includes gift bag, cute pickle gift tag and Legend of the Christmas Pickle Tradition story card (see photo).

Additional info

This item is handmade with love and each will have slight variation in beads and design - so every one is unique! Makes a very special one of a kind gift!!

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