Pickle Pincher Tongs - Grabs Pickles & Olives Out of Jar

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Never again will you ever have to stick your fingers in a pickle jar trying to get that pickle out! Now you can use the patented "pickle pincher" and grab that pickle without ever putting your hand in the jar. Simply depress the end of it, and a little wire "Grabber" will come out of the other end allowing you to grab that pickle quickly and easily! Also works great for olives, cherries, cocktail onions, pickled vegetables and other small condiments.

Specially designed handle to reach into jars and containers. Simply press down on the top to open the tongs and release to close.

Makes a great GIFT (kids love it!).


One pickle pincher.

Additional info

Take your pickles & olives out of the jar, clean and easy, without wetting your fingers.

Stainless steel spring loaded pincher.

Hard plastic construction.

Measures 8"L

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