Pickle Candle - Looks like a Jar of Pickles

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$ 24.99

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HAND CRAFTED!! Your eyes are not playing tricks on you! It looks like a jar of homemade pickles, but it is actually a candle!!

This beautiful & unique pickle candle is quite an eye catcher and of course looks like pickles, but don't eat them!

Wax pickles and paraffin candle gel in a mason jar topped with fabric and gold elastic - made with LOVE!

Makes a great GIFT!


One candle in mason jar.

Additional info

Glass jar

Weight: 22 oz.

Please note: At this time there is no pickle scented gel on the market that is candle safe. We use a unique gel to look like pickle brine (this amazing candle truly looks like a jar of pickles!), but it does not smell like pickles.

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