Pickle Bath & Grooming Kit - Toothpaste, Bandages, Lip Balm, Gherkin Soap & Breath Mints

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Get you guy (or kids!) interested in grooming with this fun bath kit!

FIVE of our most popular pickle bath & body products in one delightful set!

Makes a great GIFT!


(1) Pickle Bandages - Pickle Shaped Band Aids (15 in tin). Never underestimate the protective power of pickles! Each metal tin contains fifteen latex-free adhesive bandages with sterile gauze and a FREE PRIZE to take your mind off of the excruciating pain.

(1) Pickle Toothpaste - Dill Pickle Flavored Tooth Paste (2.5 oz tube in box). Gargling with pickle brine is great, but if you really want to coat your mouth with that delightful dill flavor you need some Pickle Toothpaste. Just put a dollop on your brush and after a few minutes of vigorous brushing your whole mouth will feel pickled!

(1) Pickle Breath Mints - Dill Pickle Flavored Mints (100 in tin). Keep your breath pickle-y fresh! Pickles have been popular for hundreds of years. Try some of these delicious dill flavored mints and you might get popular too. Easier than carrying a pickle in your pocket!

(1) Pickle Lip Balm - Dill Pickle Flavored Chap Stick (.15 oz twist tube). In the olden days they didn't have lip balm. When their lips got chapped they'd cut off the top of a dill pickle and rub it around on their lips. Sure, it stung a bit, but that's just the way it was back then. Fortunately, in these modern times, we can soothe our lips with a coating of this dill flavored Pickle Lip Balm. Sure beats carrying a dill pickle in your pocket!

(1) Gherkin Pickle Soaps - Pickle Scented Soap (5 pc). HAND CRAFTED! Cute gherkin shaped soaps infused with the sweet perfume of PICKLES!

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Makes a great GIFT! Or, buy for yourself and save (you are getting a great savings over buying these items individually!).

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