BIGS Pickle Flavor Dill Flavored Sunflowers Seeds (5.35 oz Bag)

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BIGS Seeds Taste Just Like A Vlasic® Dill Pickle! It's no secret as to why everyone has enjoyed the tangy snap and crunch of a Vlasic dill pickle at some time in their life- they're quite simply the perfect pickle. So when looking to make the best doggone dill pickle seed in the world, the BIGS® Brother's knew exactly where to turn. Try one and you'll taste the essence of everything that makes a Vlasic pickle so tasty. BIGS Seeds: Always bigger. Always better.


One bag. Net weight: 5.35 oz resealable bag.

Additional info

5.35 oz bag

Unshelled seeds (seeds are still in shell)

0g Trans Fat

0g Cholesterol


"I hate sunflower seeds but my son loves them so I got these for him, then tried a few and couldn't stop eating them. ... The flavor is hauntingly good"

"These taste so wonderful that I cannot go back to eating any other type, even David's. These have actual flavor, not just salt."

"I love these seeds! They are so good I can eat a bag a day. I went through the first box so fast and shared them with people at work, so now every is addicted and in our area you can't find them in the store anywhere. So I have to order them online and I will continue to do so."

"I have met people who are in love with pickles, most times I could care less if a hamburger has them or not, and on rare occasions, maybe 4 times out of the year I might include a dill spear with a meal, but when it comes to sunflower seeds, and BiGS being the best, the best of them to me are the Dill Pickle flavor."

"There is only one criteria to consider before buying these seeds; do you like pickles? They are so addictive that once you open a bag, it's like a mad race to the finish. Will be buying Bigs seeds from now on."

"There seeds are the biggest and best seeds you can find. The flavor of these is exactly like pickles. Perfect."

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